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Customized control and interface systems

To meet the need for package process control and terminal operational efficiency, Woodfield provides customized process control and automation system solutions.


PLC-based Process Control System

Consists of a PLC based process control system to monitor and control the process of loading / mixing / batching, etc. This consists of a PLC panel typically mounted in a secure area with other ancillary devices within the panel, including a portable engineering workstation and an operator workstation with SCADA software. The system is pre-programmed and ready for use with full on-site support to integrate the system with the customer’s supervisory control system, i.e. DCS.

Customized control and interface systems

Terminal Automation System

A complete automation system is provided for various terminal operations, such as tank truck entry, check-in, order booking, truck access, cargo pump control, truck loading, tank farm inventory management, billing, truck departure, CCTV integration, etc.

The system consists of a complete PLC based loading control system or batch controller based loading control system, tanker truck entry and exit system, weigh bridge integration, pump control, DCS, etc.

The TAS system is geographically distributed but centrally integrated into the loading rack servers and loading automation software is provided for operator interface.

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