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Cooper Machinery Services (Cooper) is a North American company with over 180 years of experience in large compression equipment and systems, manufactures world-class reciprocating engines and compressors and provides services that integrate the supply of parts and new equipment, maintenance and upgrades of these products. Original manufacturer of the legendary Ajax, Superior and Cooper Bessemer brands of compressors and engines. Cooper serves the global gas compression and power generation markets with world-class new engines and compressors and the best aftermarket support in the industry. At Massy Energy Colombia we are fully dedicated to optimizing the life of engines and compressors with high quality parts, expert repairs and tailored service. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, and with 15 global locations, Cooper maintains corporate and regional leadership teams that are comprised of engine and compressor experts who understand the market need for a responsive, customer-focused original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Motors and compressors
product and service offerings



From Massy Energy we provide comprehensive technical services with: Specialized technical assistance, Specialized maintenance for TOP and Major Overhauld, Technical assistance for commissioning and start-up of equipment, among others. In addition Service for new units in: Selection and supply of equipment and packages for gas compression, pumping and power generation.



Cooper Machinery Services' ability to upgrade engines and compressors is legendary. From emissions reductions to power increases, fuel economy to controls, we do it all. And we do it for all major engine product lines from small to large bore.



Our Turbocharger Solutions International (TSI) team is a world leader in the supply of new turbochargers, turbocharger upgrades and turbocharger repairs. We are experts in small and large engines.

Engine and compressor brands

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Non-OEM (Non-OEM)

Cooper offers parts, field service, shop repairs and upgrades for all of the engine and compressor brands shown below. We are the O.E.M. for many of these brands, and provide O.E.M. quality parts and service for all of them.

Cooper O.E.M. Brands

Other Brands

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Marcas de motores y compresores

De fabricación original (OEM) y no original (No OEM)

Cooper ofrece repuestos, servicio de campo, reparaciones en taller y actualizaciones para todas las marcas de motores y compresores que se muestran a continuación. Somos el O.E.M. de muchas de estas marcas, y proporcionamos piezas y servicios de calidad O.E.M. para todas ellas.

Marcas O.E.M. de Cooper

Otras Marcas

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