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Non-OEM Parts – Turbochargers – MAN

Turbochargers – MAN
Non-OEM Parts

Turbocharger Solutions International (TSI), an independent turbocharger division run by the best turbocharger experts in the industry. TSI provides parts, repairs and complete service for MAN® turbochargers.


TSI provides parts, repairs, upgrades, testing and exchange services for MAN turbochargers. For any turbocharger that comes to our shop for repairs or upgrades, we do a complete teardown, cleaning and inspection. We keep a log that includes pictures of every turbocharger we repair so we have a complete life history of your turbocharger. For all upgrades and new turbochargers, we run a test run on our closed loop test stand and provide a report for your records.

TSI supports NA34/40/48/57, NR20/24/29 and TCA55/77 turbocharger models found on Clark, Ingersoll, Superior and DeLaval/Enterprise engines.

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