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Pumping Solutions

As one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers, Sulzer offers a wide range of products for standard, configured and engineered pumping solutions as well as essential auxiliary equipment. and engineered pumping solutions, as well as essential ancillary equipment. Recognized for state-of-the-art products, reliable performance and efficient solutions, with innovation, performance and quality and with 180 world-class manufacturing facilities and service centers worldwide.

Sulzer has been headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland, since 1834.

Product and service offerings



Sulzer supplies reliable, high quality equipment from the conceptual phase through design, manufacturing, testing, installation and safe operational support. We are at the forefront of providing innovative designs that continue to lead the Oil & Gas industry.

Typical electric motor, drive (VFD) and centrifugal pump arrangement.

-Hydraulic turbines for power recovery.

Set of spare parts for the first year of operation of new equipment.

pre - comisionamiento


From Massy Energy we offer services in:
Factory support for the selection of optimal pumping equipment
Assistance in the installation, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up of systems and pumping packages.
Analysis of operational variables for diagnosis and performance of pumping equipment.

API 610 Pumps

Massy Energy Colombia provides API Pumps from Sulzer factories in Houston USA and Mexico.
  • Overhung

Sulzer Overhung pumps are a type of centrifugal pump. These pumps have the drive shaft suspended above the pump body, rather than being mounted on a bracket at the opposite end of the pump body. This allows greater flexibility in installation and ease of maintenance. This type of pump is suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications, such as high-pressure liquid transfer, liquid circulation, and corrosive liquid pumping.

References factory Mexico:
  • Between Bearing

Sulzer Between-bearing pumps are a type of centrifugal pump. These pumps have the drive shaft supported at two points, one at the end near the impeller and one at the opposite end of the pump body. The intermediate shaft support is a distinctive feature of inter-bearing pumps. This configuration provides greater mechanical stability and allows greater axial load handling capacity. This type of pump is suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications, such as the transfer of liquids at high pressure, the circulation of liquids and the pumping of corrosive liquids, they are also recommended to work with liquids with suspended solids.

Mexican factory:
  •  BB2(BBS,BBS- SC)
  • BB3 (MSD2)
USA factory:
  •  BB3(MSD)
  • Vertically suspended

Sulzer Vertically Suspended pumps are a type of centrifugal pump. These pumps have the impeller and drive shaft mounted vertically within the pump casing, and the drive motor is suspended from the top of the pump. This design allows installation in confined spaces and facilitates maintenance. It is suitable for applications where high efficiency and good reliability are required. This type of pump is commonly used in water treatment applications, irrigation systems, high pressure pumping of liquids, and other industrial processes where the transfer of liquids through great heights is required.

  • Fabrica mexico: VS1/ VS6 (SJD)
  • Fabrica USA: VS1/ VS6(SJT)
  • Modular Desing

Sulzer pumps with modular design are a variety of centrifugal pumps characterized by their block or modular construction. This allows for greater flexibility in configuring and customizing the pump to the specific needs of each application, and also makes it easier to maintain and repair the pump. Pump modules can include the pump casing, impeller, mechanical seal, shaft support, and other components. Some of the advantages of this type of pump are the possibility of adapting the performance of the pump, the possibility of easy and fast changes in the design to comply with new regulations, and improving the efficiency of the pump to meet the changing needs of the application.

  • Mexico factory: BBA (MD)

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