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The M series high-pressure segmental casing pumps have a modular design, allowing Sulzer to find the most efficient solution to meet customer requirements, typically as feedwater pumps and condensate removal pumps in gas-fired combined cycle power plants, among other applications. Both investment and life-cycle costs are taken into account in the design of the optimum pump, and an optimized hydraulic design ensures maximum performance.


MC high pressure segmented body pump

– Modular hydraulics for high performance over a wide range of operating conditions according to requirements in gas-fired combined cycle power plants
– Optimized design for relevant thermal conditions in gas-fired combined cycle power plants
– Oversized flanges for optimized inlet flow, low noise level, and higher permissible forces and moments
– Unaffected by rapid temperature variations and therefore especially suitable for gas-fired combined cycle power plants where frequent start-ups and shutdowns are involved
– Easy access to seal cooling chambers for cleaning
– Rigid shaft design for critical speeds above maximum operating speed

Flow rates up to 1’860 m3/h
up to 9’720 US gpm
Heads up to 1’750 m
Pressures up to 180 bar
Temperatures up to 180 °C

The MC pump is designed primarily for power industry applications such as: auxiliary boiler feed services; nitrogen oxides (NOx) reduction and fuel injections in combined cycle plants; boiler feed for biomass and industrial plants; and steam generator feed in solar thermal plants The design is ideal for:

– Main and auxiliary boiler feed water pump service up to 180°C.
– Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) reduction and fuel injection in gas-fired combined cycle power plants
– Condensate removal pumps in power plants and industrial plants
– Auxiliary services in gas-fired combined cycle and industrial power plants
– Feedwater pump in reverse osmosis desalination
– High-pressure water in general industry
– Feedwater pump for gas-fired combined cycle power plants
– Feedwater pump for solar thermal power plants
– Boiler feedwater pump for biomass and industrial power plants

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