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New OEM Engines and Compressors Equipment – Reciprocating Compressors – Superior


Cooper offers an exceptional remanufactured engine and unit exchange program. We can recondition or remanufacture any brand of reciprocating or turbocharger engine, offering an attractive and economical solution based on your particular situation. Engine reconditioning restores equipment to like-new condition and to OEM specifications or industry standards.

Remanufacturing involves restoring equipment to a given set of specifications based on a particular application.

For your unit exchange (UX) or remanufactured engine, Cooper designs and delivers only genuine, high-quality parts that meet or exceed industry and OEM standards and specifications. Cooper also provides overhaul services to improve engine performance and meet new emissions requirements.


Our global network of Cooper service shops and field service teams are ready to refurbish and upgrade your existing engine and compressor installation. We have an inventory of UX engines ready for quick response during emergency situations.


– Minimal downtime: Cores are continuously rebuilt to be available on demand. Being able to start up a Cooper Machinery Services exchange engine results in less time than an overhaul in the field.


– Availability: Superior in-line and V-cores and several Waukesha VHP cores are in stock.

– Competitive Pricing: Cooper Machinery Services exchange engines are priced comparably to remanufactured engines and are trusted to go the distance to maximize return on investment.

Warranty: Standard Cooper 12-month warranty, up to 18 months available.

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