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Equipment Engines and Compressors New OEM – Compressors – Gemini

Compressors – Gemini

Cooper’s new Gemini high speed separable gas compressors are rated from 60 hp to 800 hp (45 kW to 597 kW).

Flexible and reliable for the long term
The new compressors provide customers with unsurpassed service for applications such as fuel gas boosting, gas gathering, gas lift, CNG, and pipeline extraction and storage applications.


• Cooper offers a complete line of high-speed reciprocating compressors, ranging from 60 to 800 hp (45 kW to 597 kW) with a variety of piston rod load capacities and frame stroke combinations.
• The compressor fits on a single skid, which simplifies movements and reduces installation, site construction and re-application costs.
• A variety of capacity control devices are also available to ensure that no horsepower is wasted.
• The modular design of Gemini high-speed reciprocating compressors allows frames and cylinders to be adapted and rearranged with only minor changes to the skid.
• Designed to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
• API 11 P Gemini high-speed reciprocating compressors use a balanced opposed design to minimize vibration by equalizing opposing forces on the crankshaft.
• Heavy ribbed frames distribute reciprocating stresses evenly for greater strength and longer life.
• Many compressor cylinders are water-coated to reduce operating temperatures, provide thermal stability and improve valve life.

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