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Superior Compressors


Superior SGTD 12- and 16-cylinder gas engines achieve maximum power and efficiency when combined with Superior MH, WH or WG separable compressors running at 900 RPM.

Superior compressors are the perfect choice for your compression needs.

Superior high-speed reciprocating compressors range from 290 to 9,000 hp (216 to 6,711 kW) and are manufactured in a wide variety of models, including our C-Force, RAM, MH, WH, and WG series compressors. Superior compressors contain a variety of different strokes that can be equipped with a large selection of compressor cylinders that will maximize output and production in a variety of different gas applications.

Superior products are designed to provide the flexibility needed to meet API 618 requirements. Our quality parts are corrosion resistant up to 2% acid gas without special fittings, making Superior the perfect solution for process gas applications.

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