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New OEM Equipment Engines and Compressors - Reciprocating Engine - Superior

Reciprocating Engine – Superior

Cooper’s Turbocharged Superior™ gas engines are built for reliable, continuous, heavy-duty service. Ideally aligned with our broad portfolio of Superior™ reciprocating compressors in terms of speed and horsepower, these engines can provide lower fuel consumption, higher efficiency, lower emissions and a service life that exceeds many other engines on the market.

At Cooper we manufacture new engines and compressors and provide full service support for the installed base.

Superior compressors are rated from 290 to 9000 hp (216 to 6711 kW). Engines are rated from 2000 to 2650 hp (1490 to 1975 kW). Legendary Superior compressors and engines have been serving the industry’s compression needs for decades. Their reliable service makes them one of the lowest maintenance engine compressor offerings on the market. Today, Superior engines and compressors continue to earn their distinguished reputation for being as worry-free as any engine and compressor product in the world.

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