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LNG Truck Loading Measuring Skid

With the rapid growth in demand for LNG, regasification terminals are being set up to meet customer needs. LNG is being used as the main fuel for various industries.

Transporting LNG by tanker trucks is the most standardized and economical way to reach consumers across the country. Therefore, LNG tanker truck loading using LNG loading skids is an important and critical process in LNG trucking.

LNG Truck Load Measuring Skid

Loading LNG into a tanker truck is difficult due to its cryogenic process condition (-176 degrees C). However, with Woodfield’s strong engineering, manufacturing and testing capabilities, it becomes easier for the terminal operator to fill trucks with LNG safely and efficiently.

Woodfield manufactures Cryogenic truck loading arms and truck loading stations with typical capacities ranging from 30 m3/hr to 100 m3/hr and available in 3″150# & 4″150# sizes. These skids are designed for a process temperature of -196 degrees C to +80 degrees C.

Woodfield LNG truck loading meter mainly consists of LNG truck loading arms and vapor return arms with cryogenic couplings and swivel joints, flow measurement and control system, nitrogen distribution and purge system, vapor return line, LNG recirculation provision, drainage facility, tanker truck unloading facility, cold insulation and other auxiliary piping, electrical and structural elements.

Woodfield’s swivel joints are tested under cryogenic conditions and have been proven to handle such temperatures.

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