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Solution for Chemical Dosing and Injection Skids

Chemical dosing skids are used to inject chemicals into the process where injection in specific quantities is required.

Woodfield’s dosing skid solutions are used to dose the preset amount of chemical into the process piping at the desired rate.

These skids have low flow rates and the skid is held close to the injection point. Chemical storage tanks are mounted on the skid to store the chemical to be dosed. PD pump according to API 675 to feed the chemical into the process line.

Pump capacity can vary with adjustment, either manually or automatically.

Solution for Dosing and Chemical Injection Skids

Skid sizes and ratings: 1/2″ to 2″ 150# / 300# / 600#.


  • The meter is designed with a pump protection device and associated interlocks.
  • In-house manufacturing (meaning fabrication, assembly, system integration and test installation) in a single rack makes it a “Plug and Play” device and ensures minimal on-site labor.
  • Pump calibration is possible locally or remotely (using DCS).
  • In-tank mixing facility with motor-driven agitator is available.
  • Manual or automatic flow rate adjustment.

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