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Fast Platforms

This modular platform is the perfect solution to provide quick delivery and is easy to install. This high quality, pre-engineered part is shipped to your location and requires no field welding. All systems come perforated on both sides to accommodate your unique loading situation.

Fast platforms

  • 10′-6″ Available platform heights for tanker truck or ISO container access.
  • 12′-0″ Heights available for railcar access.
  • Available platform sizes.
    • 6’x4′ with 10″ galvanized steel pedestal.
    • Or 8′ x 4′ tower with 8″ galvanized steel columns.
  • Transit platform with galvanized steel non-skid base.
  • One-sided design designed to allow for 1 FS Woodfield sliding ladder or GW walkway.
  • Or with bilateral design to allow for 2 vehicle tracks. Designed to allow for 2 FS moveable ladders or GW walkways.
  • Full overhead coverage for single or double platforms.
  • Or sunshade over the transit platform.
  • OSHA compliant 42″ handrails with mid-rail and guard plate, coated in Woodfield Yellow.
  • 7/11 IBC compliant access ladders with galvanized steel steps with non-skid treads.
  • Specially designed to complement Woodfield’s loading and unloading arms.
  • Detailed assembly instructions and complete assembly kit.

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