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Wide Access Folding Ladders (LAFS)

An oversized safety cage allows access to the entire top of the vehicle equipment on a tank truck, rail car or ISO tank container without the need to re-spot the vehicle. Ideal for safe and efficient loading, inspection, sampling or venting operations with multi-compartment tanks or where full access to the top of the tank is required.

Wide Access Folding Ladders (LAFS)

Safe access from the platform to the top of the vehicle is via the folding ladders once the LAFS unit has been lowered into position. The entire work area on top of the vehicle is now surrounded by a safety cage. Once the safe working tasks are completed, the unit is simply raised to the stored position.


LAFS – Large Access Foldable Ladders

  • The Large Safety Cage for full or partial tank top access for tank trucks, railcars or ISO tank containers.
  • Full passage inside the safety cage.
  • Optional adjustable safety rails for ISO containers and vehicles of different lengths.
  • Customized sizes of Folding Ladders and Safety Cages to suit each application.
  • Standard configuration of 3, 4, 5 and 6 steps or customized > 6 steps.
  • The design is self-supporting. Depending on size, position and materials of construction, support beams and/or columns will be provided.
  • 230 kg working load capacity.
  • Self-leveling anti-slip step treads working range.
  • Working range from -40° to + 45° from platform to vehicle.
  • Parks out of the way at approx. 80°.
  • Safety handrails at 1100 mm min. height from the step surface.
  • Intermediate rails and foot rails.
  • HD safety chains.
  • Standard foot lock.
  • Easily adjustable tension springs assist movement. Pneumatic or hydraulic systems available for larger units.
  • Available in aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized, primed or painted carbon steel.
  • Standard belt widths in mm: 610, 800, 1220, 1525, 1830.
  • Modular construction for ease of installation, maintenance and repair.
  • Padded front edge to help protect the top of the vehicle.

Safety cages and safety floors for all LAFS

  • Custom sized and configured to suit vehicle application.
  • In aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel.
  • Full length pitch on each safety cage.
  • Full floor covering with lift-up inspection panels in aluminum, stainless steel and GRP.

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