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Medium voltage motors

Depending on your needs, we manufacture high efficiency motors up to 800 hp and up to 4160 volts in 900 rmp – 1200 rpm – 1800 rpm – 3600 rpm.

Medium voltage motors


– Reduces amps by 15% to 30% at full load.

– Reduces amps by 50% to 90% at no load

– Produces higher torque than conventional motors

– KW/H consumption reduction between 3% and 10%.

– Unlimited starts and stops per hour with Soft Start

– MAXEFF accepts shaft overloads up to 200%.

– Eliminates Reactive Power (KVAR) from the motor at any load level

– Produces Negative KVARs with no load

– MAXEFF will significantly reduce energy $$$ and operating costs

– Operates at Power Factor One

– Reduces nearby motor amps to improve plant power factor for FREE

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