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Soft starters for motors

Maxeff motors use electromechanical contactors and a sequence of internal automated connections to power the built-in electrical and mechanical soft starter. Maxeff, combined with Maxeff Soft Start, splits by 3 from start time. 1/3, 2/3 and then full torque. No external or additional electronics are required.

Soft starters for motors

This allows the Maxeff motor to receive power from the grid at only one third of its rated HP, automatically ramp up to 66% and then to full HP. This unique feature reduces inrush current and allows Maxeff motors to accelerate smoothly and progressively. This revolutionary soft start sequence allows Maxeff motors to start from generators half the size required by standard motors.

Soft start also allows you to start, stop and restart your Maxeff engines as often as needed without overheating or incurring excessive peak demand charges. This option is available on all Maxeff motors. All you have to do is order it, and it will all come in one box along with your Maxeff motor. You can also use this same unit as your complete motor control center. No additional components are required.


– Reduces amps by 15% to 30% at full load.

– Reduces amps by 50% to 90% at no load

– Produces higher torque than conventional motors

– KW/H consumption reduction between 3% and 10%.

– Unlimited starts and stops per hour with Soft Start

– MAXEFF accepts shaft overloads up to 200%.

– Eliminates Reactive Power (KVAR) from the motor at any load level

– Produces Negative KVARs with no load

– MAXEFF will significantly reduce energy $$$ and operating costs

– Operates at Power Factor One

– Reduces nearby motor amps to improve plant power factor for FREE

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