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Electric Motors

Reduce your costs and your carbon footprint with Adventech’s Maxeff Motors

The Maxeff motor, in conjunction with Adventech’s soft starter, reduces peak power demand, generating savings in energy consumption and allows multiple starts without causing temperature increases that affect the integrity of the machine. The starting current with this solution is 1.5 times the rated current of the motor.

Unlike traditional induction motors, Maxeff’s motor-generator integrates two sets of windings (1 for the motor and 1 for the generator) in the same frame. This design uses the same magnetic field, rotor, and stator to produce more shaft power than standard induction motors.

Efficient motors designed with savings in mind

Adventech’s Maxeff motors improve the power factor of your facility thanks to the generator circuit coupled to the capacitor system, this lowers the power demand from the grid improving the efficiency and operating cost of your processes.

Reduce your costs and carbon footprint


Soft technology - Soft starters

Maxeff soft starters use electromechanical contactors and a sequence of internal automatic connections to power the integrated electrical and mechanical soft starter. Maxeff motors in conjunction with patented soft starters reduce starting current by up to 1/3 of its value compared to a standard motor with standard starter.


Maxeff two-speed motors for energy savings

Maxeff two-speed motors come in speed ranges of 3600/1800 rpm, 1800/900 rpm, 1200/600 rpm and 900/450 rpm. It can be a constant torque or constant HP design.

Why is Maxeff the best investment?

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